7 Easy Lunch Ideas For Work

August, 2022

If you don't necessarily want to spend all your time meal planning, but you're wondering "What should I make at home for lunch." This method of meal prep will enable you to eat more healthfully and save money while also lowering your stress levels during the week. Here are four easy lunch ideas for a successful week.


01 Spinach Apple Salad

It doesn’t get much easier than this simple spinach salad with apples. This Spinach Apple Salad can be a filling and refreshing combination of sweet apples, vibrant bell peppers, and a zesty lemon dressing.

Unending customization exists for this spinach-apple salad, of course. You are free to use whichever ingredients you enjoy. Additional choices to think about are as follows:

  • Cherry Tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes (pack cherry tomatoes in Enther brand meal prep containerhave a lot of potassium and vitamin C compared to apples.
  • Avocados: Avocado is a fruit that has several uses in food prep, skin care products, and hydration.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Manganese and vitamin K, are two nutrients that are essential for promoting wound healing and are abundant in pumpkin seeds.
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02    Chicken Breast Meal

Chinese Chicken breast is one of my preferred options on the menu at any Chinese restaurant. A substantial, nutritious, tasty, and Enther 3-compartment Bento box including chicken breast, fresh vegetables, and herbs all in one dish. Make this chicken breast for your next lunch, and it will definitely taste delicious!

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03    Roasted Chicken 

Unquestionably, roasted chicken is one of the most favored and well-liked dishes around the world. The roasted chicken is a wonderful recipe for creating cozy moments throughout the day for lunch.

Sriracha sauce should be drizzled over roasted chicken before adding fresh fruit and vegetables for a homemade deli meal. Tip: Pack chicken and fruits separately in Enther brand 3-Compartment Container to keep it nice and fresh.

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04 Pinwheel Sandwiches

Superb appetizers that take minimal work and no cooking create the pinwheel sandwich. There is no need to cook, and it's quick! Everyone adores these easy sandwich pinwheels.

Roll it up, slice them up, then add wonderful toppings. They taste great and you may add different meats, cheeses, and seasonings. You're all set to place them in the Enther brand 3-Compartment Container!

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05 Naan Pizza

This easy meal is quick to prepare and will be a hit with your family. A delicious and speedy 10-minute Naan pizza with a golden crispy crust and plenty of cheese. 

To prepare this dish, you only need a few simple ingredients: naan (pack naans in Enther lunch containers), finely chopped fresh basil, pizza sauce and grated Parmesan cheese (optional but fantastic for flavor! ).

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06    Chickpea Salad Sandwich

For a weekday lunch, try this chickpea salad sandwich! The chickpea mixture may be made in advance and kept in the refrigerator if you wish to prepare it ahead of time. The morning of the day (or days) you intend to consume the sandwich, put it together. 

Feel free to use your preferred vegetables in Enther plastic food containers of some of the suggested ones. Here, a few radishes, some leafy greens, or some fresh basil would be wonderful additions.

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07    Caesar Salad

Even though the majority of people purchase Caesar salad, making your own is really simple and tastes considerably better. Only a few basic ingredients—crunchy croutons, fresh lettuce leaves, garlic, olive oil, raw eggs, and Caesar salad dressing—are required to make this dish.

Additionally, you may add a few bacon pieces, fresh lemon wedges, and Parmesan cheese as salad toppings. Croutons certainly provide Caesar salad a wonderful crunch. Pick an Enther lightweight food storage container for your Caesar salad so you may take a break and eat throughout a busy day.

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Multiple advantages come with preparing your lunch. To assist you to establish and maintain a practice of packing a lunch, we offer recipe advice.



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